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You know its finals time…

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A few quarters ago, I took PHIL 230. Our final exam had a quote id section so I quickly wrote a quiz app which I distributed to the class. Since then, the professor has been circulating the link as a study tool. So once a quarter, my web traffic spikes a day before each final exam :).

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If you want to try it out, swing over to:

DISCLAIMER: I wrote this in all of two hours or so and never looked back… I know there are some backend flaws, so don’t break it please :)

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Documenting your life in 24 frames.

I found this really cool project called A Million Little Pictures: Documentary (  Basically, you sign up… they send you a disposable camera… and you’re supposed to document your life in 24 photos.  Which leads me to think… if I were to document my life in 24 photos… what would I take pictures of?

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For a class I’m taking next quarter, I was looking for a lightweight repository I could host on my shared host which would replace SVN.  I came across Mercurial and after playing around with it a bit, I think it may prove to be a very powerful tool.  This tool will work well for this project because there will only be two people working on the project and the complications of using SVN will only inhibit productivity.  The big idea for Mercurial is getting rid fo the central repository.  Instead, each client “clones” the repository and works off their own local repository.  When they’re done making changes, they “push” their work back to the central repository.  When changes have been made by other users, you “pull” those changes.  see the quick start.

Mercurial Quick Start


Quick Start Guide

The key feature I really like about Mercurial for this project is the fact that it is very lightweight.  It works without having to modify Apache!  This allows me to use my shared host to host my repository!  Something you can’t do with SVN.  All it is is a CGI script.  See our repository:

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A new part of my site is up! is a wiki (powered by TikiWiki) which hosts project pages for my on-going projects.  Check it out!


Source Post

 I haven’t come up with a good name for this yet… “Source Post” “Source Wall”… Whatever the name, what it allows you to do is post snippets of code (or any text) to an online database which can be accessed from any web browser.  This allows you to quickly post and share what you’re working on.  I believe this is a useful collaboration tool.  Any suggestions or comments are welcome.  Syntax highlighting is provided by GeSHi – (a generic syntax highlighter).

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