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Gallery 2

I have a lot of webspace but what to do with it?  Put up photos!  Recently I’ve been posting albums I’ve exported from Lightroom, but this has not only been a painful process but also the galleries are not very usable.  The point of uploading photos to my webspace is that I should have albums that are browsable and full res images should be avaliable.  So I figured I’d try out a gallery management system.  After looking at a few, Gallery 2 seemed to be the one to fit my needs the most.  I set it up on my webserver and I’ve uploaded some photos to it.  There are some quirks about the interface but I like it so far.  I like how it allows you to select various sizes for your images to automatically be resized to, plus the original size if you want.  Also, a cool upload feature is that you can copy your photos on to your server somewhere and then import them into Gallery 2 from there.  This is nice because I hate using web-based import applets and what not.  In addition to that there are numerous ways to import photos (including using the Windows content publishing tool).  An annoying feature though, is that “Add this photo to cart…” or “Add this album to cart…” is all over the site!  Apparently this is how Gallery 2 is supported.  If someone buys a print off your site, they get a small portion of the profit.  Nice little way to give back I guess — and I’ll be there’s a way to get rid of it.

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After using this for a while, I really don’t like the interface all that much.  The functionality is great, but they’re very inaccessible.  It is unnecessarily difficult to navigate and everything is very cluttered.  I say, can we get Flckr on our site? :)


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Remember the Milk

I was looking for a simple GTD app I could host myself, eventually modify a little to integrate with my Google Cal and sync with my phone… but I have come across something far better!  Remember the Milk (RTM) is a simple yet robust webapp which synchronizes with gCal and iCal.  The basic account is free but for $25 a year, the pro account allows you to sync with MilkSync.


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A new part of my site is up! is a wiki (powered by TikiWiki) which hosts project pages for my on-going projects.  Check it out!


Source Post

 I haven’t come up with a good name for this yet… “Source Post” “Source Wall”… Whatever the name, what it allows you to do is post snippets of code (or any text) to an online database which can be accessed from any web browser.  This allows you to quickly post and share what you’re working on.  I believe this is a useful collaboration tool.  Any suggestions or comments are welcome.  Syntax highlighting is provided by GeSHi – (a generic syntax highlighter).

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My response to this xckd comic:
I wonder how the people who drive these cars feel, causing unprovoked violence among children.