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Mac Apps & Moving home dir

I recently reformatted my mac so i’m slowly building a list of things (essentially free apps) that should go on my mac in case mine should die again… (or in case someone would like this list)

  • Quicksilver
  • MiniBattery Logger
  • Xcode
  • MacFUSE and MacFusion (GUI for FUSE)
  • Adium
  • MenuMeters
  • Growl
  • Skype
  • CoRD
  • Mac RDC
  • Chicken of VNC
  • TeamViewer
Others I’m skipping for now:
  • Geektool

Its a short list for now… I’ll add more later.  Feel free to suggest some.

Also, in case anyone is interested… I made a 2nd partition for my user data (home directory).  All you do is create a new partition, copy your home folder over.  Then re link it by going into the Account Management tab in System Preferences, unlock the settings, right click on your user to open the advanced settings and specify the new path.

A new partition makes it easier to backup data and reformat the system.

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