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Mac OS X Shortcuts / Commands

Apple Screen Grab Shortcuts

Grab Screen to file

  • Apple+Shift+3

Grab Area

  • Apple+Shift+4

Move Grab Area

  • Apple+Shift+4
  • Then… Drag (to select and hold mouse down and) hit space Space… move mouse.

Grab Window

  • Apple+Shift+4
  • Then… Space


Hold Ctrl on click goes to clipboard instead of desktop.

Ctrl+Cmd+D: Dictionary

Chrome Mac
Hold Shift + Click Green (+) will maximize to fill screen

Random Commands

open . – opens a finder window at current location

say – speak

jot  – count

say -v Chellos ` jot 100 `

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Blog Upgrades

My blog is gradually looking less and less like a default WordPress install!

Currently this blog powered by WordPress running the Fusion theme by digitalnature.

I just added the Lifestream widget on my side bar.  Check it out!

There were some issues running these plugins together on this version of WP, but nothing a few little hacks didn’t fix.

Issue #1: Lifestream didn’t appear under the Plugins tab (EDIT: It appears that this issue resolved itself after logging out and logging back in.)

Fix: Visit the url manually (wp-admin/plugins.php?page=lifestream.php)

Issue #2: The hyperlinks in the Lifestream under the Fusion theme disappear on hover because the text turns white and there’s no background highlight.

Fix: Add a:hover { background: #…} to plugins/lifestream/lifestream.css

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Backup Solution

I’ve been looking around for some time now for a suitable off-site backup solution.  The big thing I’ve been looking for is something that works on Linux, Mac and Windows.  It is rare to find a solution that works well on all three, and supports headless operation on Linux.

SpiderOak ( offers 2Gb of free storage with unlimited machines and then $10 per additional 100Gb per month.  I am currently testing out their free account on my Mac and it works well!  It features a nicely designed UI which is very intuitive and easy to use.

I have not had the chance to test the client on Windows or Linux yet but I’m very excited to see how well it is able to operate on Linux (headless).

But on a side note, they say on their website that they’ve contributed back to the open source community (See   I think that’s very cool!

So the conclusion is: I think this will satisfy my needs for a normal backup solution for important data (being documents and files).  I still have over 200Gbs of photos on my server which I’m not willing to pay $20/mo to store on a web-based service.  My plan for those files is just to take an external drive offsite each month (unless anyone wants to suggest a better idea!).

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Server Upgrades

If you don’t already know, I run a Xen Server at home.  The server is a 1.8Ghz Dual Core AMD Opteron Santa Ana w/ 4GB ECC ram.  It hosts several VMs including my fileserver (1.5 TB raid5).

This setup works great for me but I’ve always run into a problem trying to share my server with other people (giving my friends a vm) because root access is required to run the Xen VM management tools.  I recently discovered xen-shell, a utility which allows users to manage their own vms without root access.  Its a great little tool and works well so far!

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Cal Poly Open House 2009

I created a video from photos taken at Cal Poly’s Open House 2009.  Still photos are shot by my 40D and timelapses were done by the Rebel XT tethered to a MBP.

Cal Poly Open House 2009
from Prentice Wongvibulsin on Vimeo.

(Or watch it HD on Facebook)

And check out the photos here:


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Night Sky

This is my first attempt at timelapse photography.  I built my own intervalometer with an MSP430 and a reed relay.  The following video is 299 frames in 20 seconds.

(View it on Facebook for HD:

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