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DIY Background Support for under $30


I wanted to do some seamless white shots… so I bought some pure white paper… but I didn’t have any way of getting that paper off the ground… so, looking into my options…. I could buy a background support system for $150… too expensive… I could buy 2 light stands, 2 super clamps and a pipe…. totaling somewhere over $100… too expensive… But in addition to that… I had an interesting space constraint. The room itself isnt that big… so this background has to go behind speakers and a giant heater. So, I can’t have wide legs from the light stand holding this stuff up. The perfect solution… buckets of concrete.

Building Bucket o’ Concrete Background Support System

STEP 1 – Make a trip to your local hardware store and buy the materials :)


STEP 2 – Cut posts to length (if necessary). These posts were 8′, and that is probably the perfect height for the stands but unfortunately our ceiling is only 7.5 ft, so I ended up cutting these to 7ft.


STEP 3 – Sand and seal. Take something like 100 grit sand paper and sand them down! Then spray with polyurethane.

Building a background stand

STEP 4 – Place post in bucket (its easiest to clamp the posts to scrap wood to keep it in place) and pour in dry concrete mix. Then add water and mix.

Building a background stand

STEP 5 – Let dry. Depending on what type of concrete you use… it may take a few days for it to be ready for use… mine said wait 24 hours before subjecting it to stress.


STEP 6 – Attach hooks, insert PVC to roll of paper, place roll on stand.


STEP 7 – Take awesome photos!

This works for any background but I went with white. You could probably also have multiple rolls of paper if you get multiple hooks and PVCs… but I’m good with my white for now :). Plus, it doubles as an excellent projector screen!

If you’re shooting seamless white, Zack Arias has a good tutorial .

Materials/Approx Costs
(1) Bag of Concrete – $2
(2) 2×3 studs – $4
(2) buckets – $6
(2) hooks – $12 (should’ve found cheaper ones, but whatever)
(2) screws (for the hooks) – cheep, had some lying around.
(1) PCV pipe (for background paper) – $3

Total: $27

Some test shots:

Camille’s Halloween Costume









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Debut Tourney Video

I was inspired by Chase Jarvis’ video series “FRAMES” where he shows all the photos from his shoots (including all the bad photos!). I also thought it’d be great here because they’re action sequences. Next time I’ll have to bring more memory cards so I can shoot longer sequences :). The majority of the frames here are unedited, straight out of camera. A few processed photos have also been included. Enjoy! (Be sure to watch in HD).

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Debut Tournament


The Cal Poly Beach Volleyball Club had their first tournament, the Debut Tournament, at Pismo Beach on October 25th.


CO-ED Division Champions

CO-ED Division Champions

Mens Division Champions

Mens Division Champions

Mixed Fours Division Champions

Mixed Fours Champions

Event Photos















The complete set can be found here.

A more select set of photos can be found here.

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SLO Bike Happening

Trailer for a documentary of The Bike Happening in San Luis Obispo. The first Thursday of every month, hundreds of bikers flood the streets of downtown SLO. Nothing quite like it.

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Walk SLO #1

Our first “Walk SLO” photowalk group met on October 24th, 2009! The following are a few of the photos I shot during the walk.

Walk SLO - October 09


Walk SLO - October 09

Bartender, pour me a drink.




We all met up at the old mission downtown at around 5 PM, walked around downtown SLO for a few hours shooting and ended up at mother’s tavern to share photo and for some amazing fries. Hopefully this will become a monthly event. We’ll photowalk a new location each month. Maybe Montana De Oro next month? If you’re in the SLO area and you’re interested in hanging out with some photographers and learning some new things, join our walk group! Our flick group is at

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This post contains hi-res images: Please hide the sidebar by clicking HERE.

Stick #1 - Floating Away
#1 – Floating Away

Stick #2 - Stranded
Stick #2 – Stranded

Stick #3 - Playground
Stick #3 – Playground

Stick #4 - Escape
Stick #4 – Escape

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