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Jillian in Black and White

I wondered around downtown with this wonderful lady doing her photo project today and decided to do one of my own! She was making portraits of employees in local businesses… and I was documenting her :).

Entire Set:


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Kara & Robbie

I photographed this wonderful couple a few weeks ago! These are Kara & Robbie’s engagement photos.

The set on Flickr can be found here:

Please click here to enlarge the photos if you are viewing in a browser.

Robbie and Kara


Robbie and Kara


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eWeek 2010!

I have not posted for a while, mostly because this quarter has been busy as hell! Most of it thanks to eWeek (Engineers Week). I’m on of the directors for eWeek and that means I’m responsible for overseeing and planning over 22 events over 4 days.

We did some pretty cool stuff for eWeek, the biggest thing in my opinion was our awesome barcode system! In the past, we used “passports” as a marketing tool to encourage people to attend our events. At the beginning of the week, people can pick up a passport and at every subsequent event they attend they get a stamp. The more stamps they collect, the more prizes they become eligible for (including a HDTV!). While this system was effective in increasing event attendance, I saw an opportunity to collect more useful statistics by using a barcode tracking system.

I developed a web application in collaboration with Brian Oppenheim which allowed us to track who came to our events and when they came to our events. This data allowed us to analyze the effectiveness of our publicity, popularity of events, the most effective times to schedule events, major (EE, ME, CSC, etc.) representation at events, etc. etc.

I’ll probably have to write a blog post about this system eventually… but for now… enjoy these photos!

(also a video to come).

eWeek 2010 Website:

Photos on Flickr:

Day 1 (Tuesday):

Day 2 (Wednesday):

Day 3 (Thursday):

Day 4 (Friday):

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