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Halloween Automatic Photobooth

Halloween at Workday is crazy. The office transforms in to different worlds from movies and video games (see photos from last year’s Halloween).

The theme for our team this year was Super Mario. Part of our decorations included a photobooth which captures photos of people punching a mystery box hanging from the ceiling. A trigger was rigged inside the mystery box (A) which triggered a pocket wizard (wireless transmitter). The pocket wizard fired off my camera (B) tethered to a laptop running EOS Utility. EOS Utility automatically downloads the image to the laptop and displays it on a 2nd monitor (C) for you to see immediately. I also wrote an application which continously scans for photos to upload to my SmugMug gallery and displays a QR code you can scan to get your photo (D).

Photobooth Setup

The photos were uploaded here:

Sample Image

Sample Image