Discovering Research Week at Cal Poly YouTube Ad

This begun as just a joke over dinner, that we should do a spoof of “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” commercial for Old Spice, and now — here it is:

Discovering Research Week @ Cal Poly (

When we shot this, we didn’t actually have the Discovering Research Week passports so I got to use Mocha for AE for the first time. Mocha is AMAZING. I also never used the sky as a blue screen before but it worked surprisingly well!. Unfortunately it was very windy when we shot this and I lack time and fancy-expensive equipment to make things better. All this was shot on camcorders rented from MDS on campus. Maybe some day I can afford the 5D Mark II :).

Special Thanks to
Dana Tryde at Clark Valley Farm
El Abar the horse
and Kara Schricker

If you’re bored, check out the other commercials I’ve done for eWeek:

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