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Maybe I should consider Lenovo?

What are you doing Apple?  It seems like your product lines are having an identity crisis.  It is my understanding that the MacBook Pro (MBP) was meant to be a “pro” quality laptop… and now some lower-end models with integrated graphics are being merged into the pro line?  And what’s up with the SD card slot replacing the ExpressCard/34 slot?  If your product is truly targeted at creative professionals as it seems to be a popular choice among photographers and videographers, why does your laptop not support the standard which is CF — or at the least have a multi-card reader?  SD cards are most prominent in lower-end cameras which a professional would not primarily use.  And what the heck is up with the built-in battery?  What benefit to the user could a built-in battery possibly provide?  Also… the ultra-glare-prone glossy screen is quite obnoxious — especially when you’re paying $2k for a laptop and there’s no option for matte unless you get their top-of-the-line 17″ model… but even then, they charge you extra for the matte option.

I love my current MacBook Pro but its getting kind of outdated after 3 years.  I hope Apple will fix their “pro” line by next year when I buy myself a new laptop.  Otherwise I’m really considering getting a Lenovo instead.

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Lock Screen For Your Mac

For OS X.

In the dorms I used to have my mac lock itself as soon as it entered screensaver mode but now that I don’t have the constant mischievous pranks looming around the corner I don’t bother with that. So what I’m looking for is a way to lock my mac without having to ALWAYS enable it when in screensaver. The solution is in Keychain Access (Applications > Utilities). Launch the program and under Keychain Access:Preferences in the General tab, select “Show Status in Menu Bar”. Now a lock icon appears in your tray and the first option in the menu is “Lock Screen”. Sweet!

Note: you can move these icons around by holding down the apple key and dragging.

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Apple iPhone Dev Talk


This awesome guy from Apple came to give a tech talk on iPhone Development last week.  He was an amazing speaker and came prepared with Cal Poly media to make a Cal Poly iPhone app!

See photos of the event:

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