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Cal Poly Spring Dance Show 2010

Highlights: Cal Poly Spring Dance Show – Images by Prentice Wongvibulsin


This year’s student choreographed dance show was even better than last year’s! You can find all 250 photos in the gallery below ( Also, photos from last year’s show.

Spring Dance Show 2010 – Images by Prentice Wongvibulsin

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Free Portrait Day – Halloween 2009

Free Portrait Day - Halloween 2009People dress up in such great costumes for Halloween — instead of just giving out candy, why not some free portraits too! Some trick-or-treaters and some friends came over to be immortalized in their Halloween costumes. Photographs were shot by me (Prentice Wongvibulsin) and Brian Ujiie.

The hi-res photographs are available in this Flickr set. To obtain the hi-res version of the image, click on the “all sizes” button above the image and select “Original”. Leave a comment if you have problems getting to it. Also, I haven’t had time to go through all the portraits yet so also leave a comment if you don’t see yours here.


This post contains hi-res images: Please hide the sidebar by clicking HERE.


This post contains a few of the images from the set:

Free Portrait Day - Halloween 2009

Free Portrait Day - Halloween 2009

Free Portrait Day - Halloween 2009

Free Portrait Day - Halloween 2009

Free Portrait Day - Halloween 2009

Free Portrait Day - Halloween 2009

Free Portrait Day - Halloween 2009

Free Portrait Day - Halloween 2009

Free Portrait Day - Halloween 2009

Free Portrait Day - Halloween 2009

Free Portrait Day - Halloween 2009

Free Portrait Day - Halloween 2009

Be sure to view the entire set!

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Debut Tournament


The Cal Poly Beach Volleyball Club had their first tournament, the Debut Tournament, at Pismo Beach on October 25th.


CO-ED Division Champions

CO-ED Division Champions

Mens Division Champions

Mens Division Champions

Mixed Fours Division Champions

Mixed Fours Champions

Event Photos















The complete set can be found here.

A more select set of photos can be found here.

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Yosemite Trip, Summer 2009


This post contains hi-res images: Please hide the sidebar by clicking HERE.


This past weekend, my friends and I took an awesome trip to Yosemite. For our 3 day trip, we planned on hiking Cloud’s Rest when we got there on Saturday, Half Dome on Sunday and go relax and rafting in the valley on Monday before we drive home.

Sept 5 - Driving to Yosemite!

So to get there early enough to do Cloud’s Rest we decided to leave SLO at around 5am and drive to Tenaya Lake where we’d start our hike.


Unfortunately when we got there, the road to Tenaya Lake was closed due to the fires… so change of plans…


We decided to stop at Bridalveil Falls and explore that area since it was on the way into the valley…


There was nearly no water left coming down the falls so we were able to climb all the way into the base of the waterfall!


Nick ventured into the icy cold waters :)


We also stopped to get some food Nadia really seemed to enjoy…

Tent Cabin in Curry Village

Then met up with Eric and Angie to hike around Mirror Lake… which was also completely dry!




Beautiful greenery

On the hike I found this squirrel who was lit just perfectly by a ray of sun that broke through the trees above…

Can't leave Yosemite without a squirrel pic


On our way back to Curry Village, we encountered some deer near the campgrounds…


It was interesting that we saw more deer here than during our Half Dome hike. All the hikers must have scared the deer away from the trails :(.


We also encountered some assholes who decided to litter beer cans all over the ground… so Nick heroically ran to recycle them :)


Then we took a nice drive up to the top of Glacier Point where we got a good view of Half Dome.


There were some pretty amazing views from up there and we even packed an awesome dinner Nadia made for us to enjoy with the scenery!


The next day we began our hike before the sun rose… at 5 am, we left Curry Village.


Amazingly, even the Mist trail was dry…

Mist Trail

It was freezing once we got up to Nevada Falls… I think the temperature was in the 50’s or 40’s!

Nadia and Nick

After many more hours of hiking, we were close… nearly to the top!

Almost there!

We then stopped for lunch and rested up our feet for the long hike up the stairs…

180 on the way to Half Dome

Up the stairs

and then up the cables…

Half Dome

a super steep climb, nearly 60 degrees maybe at some points.


But we finally made it to the top!

360 Half Dome

Nadia at the top of Half Dome!

We made it!

And stood on inspiration point…

Nadia on Inspiration Point

Top of Half Dome!

And jumped some more….

We on top of the world baby!

We even saw a man in a Kilt on top of Half Dome!

Man in Kilt on Inspiration Point

Then it was time to go down…


Almost a straight plunge down…



Better not let go :)

Hold on tight...

After making it back down, we hiked to Nevada Falls…


where we cooled off our feet in the awesome water…

Dippin' our feet in the water.

and filled up our water bottles….


and jumped some more…

Nevada Falls

Sept 6 - Hiking to Half Dome

then we continued our journey back down…


By the time we got back, it was already dark… so we started hiking before the sun rose and got back after the sun set. It was an epic hike that took over 12 hours climbing over 5000ft in approximately 16 miles.


The next day we had anticipated rafting, but since there’s hardly any water left in the river… that was closed for the season. We ended up touring the awesome architecture of the Ahwahnee Hotel and then hitting the rocks at Bridalveil Falls again.

Sept 7 - Leaving Yosemite

And alas, it was time to say goodbye to the beautiful place and drive on home!

All these photos and more are in this slideshow below and in this set on

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ACM Banquet 2009


Check out photos of the CSC Banquet 2009!

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Spring Dance Show – Unleashed

Unleshed - Spring  Dance Show

Check out photos of the 2009 Spring Dance Show!

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Documenting your life in 24 frames.

I found this really cool project called A Million Little Pictures: Documentary (  Basically, you sign up… they send you a disposable camera… and you’re supposed to document your life in 24 photos.  Which leads me to think… if I were to document my life in 24 photos… what would I take pictures of?

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Gallery 2

I have a lot of webspace but what to do with it?  Put up photos!  Recently I’ve been posting albums I’ve exported from Lightroom, but this has not only been a painful process but also the galleries are not very usable.  The point of uploading photos to my webspace is that I should have albums that are browsable and full res images should be avaliable.  So I figured I’d try out a gallery management system.  After looking at a few, Gallery 2 seemed to be the one to fit my needs the most.  I set it up on my webserver and I’ve uploaded some photos to it.  There are some quirks about the interface but I like it so far.  I like how it allows you to select various sizes for your images to automatically be resized to, plus the original size if you want.  Also, a cool upload feature is that you can copy your photos on to your server somewhere and then import them into Gallery 2 from there.  This is nice because I hate using web-based import applets and what not.  In addition to that there are numerous ways to import photos (including using the Windows content publishing tool).  An annoying feature though, is that “Add this photo to cart…” or “Add this album to cart…” is all over the site!  Apparently this is how Gallery 2 is supported.  If someone buys a print off your site, they get a small portion of the profit.  Nice little way to give back I guess — and I’ll be there’s a way to get rid of it.

My Gallery:


After using this for a while, I really don’t like the interface all that much.  The functionality is great, but they’re very inaccessible.  It is unnecessarily difficult to navigate and everything is very cluttered.  I say, can we get Flckr on our site? :)


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