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Lock Screen For Your Mac

For OS X.

In the dorms I used to have my mac lock itself as soon as it entered screensaver mode but now that I don’t have the constant mischievous pranks looming around the corner I don’t bother with that. So what I’m looking for is a way to lock my mac without having to ALWAYS enable it when in screensaver. The solution is in Keychain Access (Applications > Utilities). Launch the program and under Keychain Access:Preferences in the General tab, select “Show Status in Menu Bar”. Now a lock icon appears in your tray and the first option in the menu is “Lock Screen”. Sweet!

Note: you can move these icons around by holding down the apple key and dragging.

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Mac OS X Shortcuts / Commands

Apple Screen Grab Shortcuts

Grab Screen to file

  • Apple+Shift+3

Grab Area

  • Apple+Shift+4

Move Grab Area

  • Apple+Shift+4
  • Then… Drag (to select and hold mouse down and) hit space Space… move mouse.

Grab Window

  • Apple+Shift+4
  • Then… Space


Hold Ctrl on click goes to clipboard instead of desktop.

Ctrl+Cmd+D: Dictionary

Chrome Mac
Hold Shift + Click Green (+) will maximize to fill screen

Random Commands

open . – opens a finder window at current location

say – speak

jot  – count

say -v Chellos ` jot 100 `

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