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The coolest program ever!

Synergy is freakin’ awesome!

A Vista box w/ 23" samsung and MBP w/ 21.5" vertical.

A Vista box w/ 23" samsung and MBP w/ 21.5" vertical.

So I was setup with Vista box @ work today to do IAR/VC++ stuff… so that meant another keyboard and another mouse on my desk. Well that kinda sucks. I have this issue at home too.. I have my desktop and my laptop. I’m usually using both at the same time and I need to switch between keyboards… and blah, its just a mess. I had an idea I was considering for my senior project to develop something like this… because I had no idea it existed! But today one of my co-workers showed me this awesome program called Synergy!

So how does Synergy work?  It allows you to take the keyboard and mouse of one computer and over the network control any number of other computers as though they were additional monitors connected to your first computer.  So for example… I have my vista box on the left of my macbook pro.  As my mouse goes off the left edge of the macbook pro, it comes on to the right edge of the vista box.  HOW AWESOME IS THAT!

The cool thing about it is that it also works cross platform too! I’m so excited to set this up on all my computers at home :).

(The photo is a panorama shot before I set up Synergy, I’ll have to get another shot of my desk with the new setup when I go back in on Monday. The photo was shot using in-phone panorama mode)

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Vista Machine Initial Setup

I just got a fresh Vista machine for work… so I thought I’d make a list of programs I’d install for general usability on the machine:

I downloaded all the PuTTy clients (putty, pscp, psftp) to the C:\Windows folder so I can hit WIN+R and type putty (server) and go.

Installed a sane browser. Chrome doesn’t work on this machine for some reason, but I usually use Firefox on Windows anyway. But I also tried Safari 4 which runs surprisingly well on this machine (was sluggish on my XP machine at home) so I guess I’ll stick to that as my default browser.

I’ll continue to update this post with the core things I install.

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