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Images Submitted!

So I finally decided on the two images to upload for the photo walk photo contest. For everyone that gave me input on which photos to choose, thanks for all the feedback!

By the way, anyone have good suggestions for titles?

On the official site:
EDIT: The original links no longer work… you can see all the photos submitted to the OC walk here

On my Flickr:
A smoky afternoon at the fair...

OC Fair at Sunset

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OC Fair and World Wide Photo Walk

Yesterday I participated in the World Wide Photo Walk. Our walk happened to be at the OC Fair. The fair was lots of fun! I’d never been to the OC fair before.

Anyway, I get to submit TWO photos to the photo contest associated with this photo walk… and I can’t really decide… but so far I’m torn between these photos:


(EDIT: Added this photo)


OC Fair at Sunset

To kid land we go...

Maybe you guys can help me pick one :P. And if you’re interested in the rest of the photos, they’re in this set here:

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